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Best outdoor summer kitchen ideas in 2017

All-Natural Feel

This laidback space feels natural yet polished, thanks to pavers a bluestone counter-top, and a variety of plants.

DIY Grill Environment

Ambitious? It's possible for you to construct your own outdoor kitchen space from a DIY wood structure as well as stacked stones in under a couple of weeks.


The location of the California kitchen combines seamlessly thanks to an abundance of potted crops into the surrounding backyard.

Chalkboard Wall

This freestanding outside kitchen unit, created by by the bloggers behind The Horticult, was constructed on wheels therefore it could easily be moved. A giant chalk board wall is an ideal place to write menus and todo lists.

Consider a kitchenette.

Should you don’t have the space or funding to get a large, fullservice outdoor kitchen, you still reach your aim but can do a little kitchenette that is outside! This combination grill and mini-fridge allows on a smaller scale for entertaining.

Cedar Cabinetry

Cedar cabinetry and stainless steel counter-tops give a feel that is modern to this outdoor kitchen; herb gardens filled with juniper, yucca, and lavender provide a normal feel to the space.


In designer Bonnie Edelman's Connecticut home, the stained oak ceiling of the pool kitchen pours warmth over great stainless steel cupboards. A dropdown metal gate shields appliances from rainwater.

Thought with island

Eventually, summer kitchens can be arranged in a wooden outdoor shed drop large enough or be concealed behind sliding doors in a space overlooking the backyard. Locate most of the examples for an outdoor summer kitchen and contemporary aesthetic with all the images below!


Five stories above Brooklyn, a tar-paper roof became a gourmet cooking area with panoramic views of the Nyc skyline. The room is anchored by a charcoal grill, but the beverage station offers the true magic. A slide-away cutting insulated ice bin and board make mojitos a catch.

Cabinets in toronto

Make it a full-service kitchen.

In case you want an outdoor kitchen beyond only a grill, you’ll need plumbing pipes and electric cables for range and the sink to finish your full support kitchen. What this means is you’ll have to dig up a part and your lawn of your home to run out the lines, that will cost additional. Plan your budget accordingly. You are able to make a smaller area feel such as an indoor kitchen with a wall sconce; it may also help hide your wiring and plumbing.

Thought of modern outside summer kitchen that is small

In the event you're lucky enough to have a garden and you would like to accommodate a backyard kitchen design that is modern, you are able to use for this particular purpose a corner of the terrace. Modern kitchens were accompanying backyard furniture offer you the opportunity to cook observing the children while they perform outside or while conversing along with your partner. Like arranging garden parties? In this scenario, it was an ideal solution for your garden as well as you personally. The firm of outside parties is a lot simpler with a kitchen was contemporary. This corner of the outside will give you the possibility to cook while staying among buddies.

More outdoor kitchen décor ideas 

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